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Small hydro powerplants

CINK Hydro-Energy is your partner in designing and constructing complete hydropower stations

„There is water at the beginning and there is a connection to the electricity supply network at the end“

Our delivery will include:

  • A trash-rack cleaning machine, including accessories
  • Closing valves of the inlet and by-pass
  • Turbines
  • Piping and steel structures
  • Gearboxes / belt drives / clutches
  • Asynchronous or synchronous generators
  • Control systems of turbine sets
  • Generator control panels
  • Hydraulic systems
  • Planning and design
  • Assembly

The optimal adjustment of included components, as well as their high efficiency, will ensure fast return of your investment.

Power stations in drinking water systems

CINK Hydro – Energy is specialized in deliveries of turbine sets for drinking and wastewater systems. This is possible due to the structure of the used Crossflow and Francis turbines, which are designed hydraulically in such a manner that the smallest possible hydraulic impacts are achieved even with big lengths of pipes. Crossflow turbines may be used in wastewater systems thanks to the self-cleaning capacity of the runner.

The used system of the turbine control and the turbine bearing system guarantee that the hygienic quality of working water and its permanent classification as drinking water are maintained at 100%. Waterworks and waste water treatment plants are facilities with high power consumption. The installation of a small hydropower station will change them into energetically self-sufficient units and will in many cases even enable sale of excess energy to the public electricity network. During installation of a small hydropower station in drinking water systems, it is not necessary to stop the water supply to residents for a long time, and it will not get polluted.

We utilise our experience in numerous installations in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Italy, Finland, Romania, Bulgaria and other countries around the world.