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About company

CINK Hydro - Energy is a renowned supplier of complete small hydropower equipment with Crossflow, Pelton, Kaplan and Francis turbines with capacity up to 10 MW per unit.



In 1983, Mr. Miroslav CINK, a successful engineer and inventor from Czechoslovakia, made his first small hydro turbine.

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    For the rest of 1980’s, he continued in designing and developing small hydro turbines for both Czech Republic and Slovakia, until 1990 when he was finally able to establish his own private factory in the city of Karlovy Vary and began to export turbines (under the name of CINK – vodní elektrárny a.s.) to other countries.

    In 2005, after Mr. CINK’s retirement, the company relocated to larger premises close to the city of Karlovy Vary, and got a new name: CINK Hydro – Energy k.s. The base of the production program included mainly a robust and advanced design of a 2-cell Crossflow turbine (based on Ossberger technology), but it was soon followed by both horizontal and vertical double regulated Kaplan turbines, then horizontal and vertical multi-jet Pelton turbines with coaxial nozzles, and occasionally also Francis turbines and trash-rack cleaning machines.

    Since its modernization in 2005, CINK Hydro-Energy k.s. has manufactured, delivered and installed more than 420 turbines in nearly 50 countries around the world, bringing the total installed capacity to over 360 MW.

Quality and environmental management systems

Certificates ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015 and ISO 3834-2:2006 are a matter of course in our comapny already since the year 2005.

Environmental responsability

Whenever possible, we use biologically degradable oils, certified paints and self-lubricated slide bushings in order to prevent water from pollution...

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    If the technology allows it, we use such components that do not require lubrication or grease at all. In cases where lubrication is necessary and the quality of the water needs to meet high standards, we opt for biologically degradable oil or grease. Furthermore, the used paints are often certified for drinking water and it is therefore perfectly safe even for a human body to consume the water after it passed through the turbine.

Bisnode certification

Each year since 2016, our company has been receiving a prestigious international award from the CZECH TOP 100 Association, specifically the highest AAA rating – EXCELLENT.

This means that we are ranked amongst the most trusted companies in the Czech Republic that are entitled to use their AAA certification as a symbol of their highest level credit rating.

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    The CZECH Stability Award ratings are announced by Bisnode, in cooperation with the CZECH TOP 100 Association. The evaluation results of individual companies in the category of the “Most Stable Company of the Year” are announced annually within the CZECH TOP 100 and are published in business media.

    The AAA award, the history of which dates back to 1908, represents a strong independent rating of firms and companies. The award can be granted only to those companies that meet strict economic criteria and the certification conditions. The certification is based on international evaluation using the original and fully-proven methodology.

    The rating assessments must take into account factors both within the company and also the external factors. It is not only the economic conditions that are assessed – i.e. reviews based on accounting indicators but also, for example, management, the quality of relations with business partners, risk management and corporate strategy.

    Only 1% of entities operating in the Czech Republic can achieve a Grade A to AAA certificate, while the prestigious AAA rating can be achieved by only 0.1% of the best companies. Obtaining this certificate represents a guarantee of reliability and solvency, which, for potential clients, represents fair and honest business relations.

D&B Top Rating

We are proud to announce that we have been awarded a D&B TOP RATING certificate.

This prestigious certificate is based on company rating according to Dun & Bradstreet methodology...

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    Global analytics company Dun & Bradstreet has a long history of collecting and interpreting business information, which over the course of history developed into an enormous data cloud comprising over 300 million business records.

    Naturally, the D&B TOP RATING certificate is internationally recognized and confirms that CINK Hydro – Energy, among other qualities, have achieved the highest D&B risk factor evaluation “1”. In other words, it proves that CINK Hydro – Energy meets the strictest D&B Rating conditions, with the highest level of stability, credibility and reliability.

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