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SCADA & Control system
For autonomous operation and remote access

Complete low & middle voltage, protection boards, transformers, and control system switchboards for grid-connected, isolated as well as combined operation.

Siemens Simatic Comfort panels and SCADA control system with enhanced HMI for intuitive navigation through your power plant functions, production figures and the overall status. Remote access via internet is a matter of course.


Keep your production in check.

All our turbines come equipped with control system switchboards that can be fully automated, remotely controlled and even run by our full SCADA 2.0 software for the most convenient interaction with your power plant.

Electrical cabinets

  • Low-voltage, middle-voltage, and complete control system cabinets
  • Robust steel cabinets, copper cables
  • 24V DC backup power supply
  • Power grid and generator protection
  • Power meter for energy readings
  • Intake cabinets with water level sensor/s.
  • Energy dissipation devices (air-based or water-based dump loads).
  • Parts stricktly from reputable European manufacturers (Siemens, Schneider, Sick, IFM etc.)

Comfort panel

  • For parallel (grid-connected), isolated (off-grid) and combined operation
  • Option of automatic, manual or service mode of operation
  • Local or remote access (internet, GSM, LTE)
  • Equipment monitoring, data storage & export, direct interaction with the power plant 
  • Open industrial Ethernet standard
  • Automatic start-up and generator phasing, power factor auto. regulation
  • Breakdown automatics (safe shut-downs in case of grid failure)
  • Speed, temperatures, vibrations, pressure and water level/flow monitoring
  • Voltage & frequency synchronization
  • Possibility of surveillance system
  • Possibility of connecting other equipment like additional valves, gates, fans etc.


  • CINK SCADA HMI 2.0 (available since 2020)
  • Enhanced interface desinged to make the navigation as simple and intuitive as possible
  • Process visualization and data archiving (events journal, line graphs)
  • Comfortable local and remote access (PC set with 24” LCD monitor on site)
  • Advanced disgnostics 
  • Service guide and service reminders 
  • Refined terminology 
  • New notification center
  • Redesigned history charts and interface
  • Overall improvement based on clients feedback
  • Comfort panel and all its functionality included

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