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CINK Power Box

Turn-key containerized solution for outputs
up to 1 MW

We specialize on isolated operation (from a single hotel to factory to villages of several thousand households in remote areas).

For simple and fast realization of a micro or mini hydro power plant, most of all in remote areas with difficult access to building materials, labour, construction machines, etc., we offer a compact SHPP system placed inside a robust high-quality container, which is tailor-made specifically for this purpose.

In short

No need for construction or assembly works. All components are installed in their final position and connected. If the penstock and foundations are ready at the SHPP site, the actual commissioning of the SHPP can begin immediately after delivering the CINK Power Box.  

It can provide electric energy to the public grid or to an isolated network, even in combination with a different power source (diesel aggregate, solar panels, etc.). Standardly used for Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency mining.


Key features

Truly thought through and tailor-made containerized solution designed to make
the installation and operation of your power plant as simple as possible.

  • Robust construction

    Frame made of robust welded construction and heavy-duty steel beams. Welding ensured by DNV-GL certification and floor reinforced with additional parallel steel beams designed to transfer the weight of all the equipment.

  • Thermal insulation
    The outer walls and roof of CINK Power Box are made of trapezoidal metal sheets with thermal insulation to withstand even very cold weather conditions in winter or to protect the equipment from high temperatures in summer. The insulation meets the highest requirements for reaction to fire, belonging to A1 class.
  • Ventilation for stable temperature
    To keep the temperature inside the container stable, fresh air enters the container through air inlet with rain screen and leaves through ventilation fans. These are automatically regulated by the control system, depending on the temperature inside.
  • Sound insulation
    The inside walls and ceiling are made of perforated metal sheets for optimal sound insulation. Any possible noise generated by the equipment passes the perforated sheets and gets absorbed in the mineral wool insulation.
  • Anti-slip floor
    The floor covered with anti-slip checker metal sheets to ensure safety of the plant operators and any water that might condense inside the water-proof container is led into a sump and further on to the outlet channel under the turbine.
  • Clever door
    The container can be entered by main double-wing steel doors. Just like the roof and the walls, the sound and thermal insulation is a matter of course. Furthermore, the doors have an anti-panic lock, so that anyone who gets locked inside by accident can always leave the Power Box.

Standard contents of CINK Power Box

From-water-to-wire package. But with the entire machine room on top and
with all the equipment installed, ready to start the operation.

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