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CINK Power Box

For simple and fast realization of a micro or mini hydro power plant, most of all in remote areas with difficult access to building materials, labour, construction machines, etc., CINK Hydro-Energy offers a compact SHPP system placed inside a robust high-quality container, which is tailor-made specifically for this purpose. The system enables a delivery of SHPP on turn-key basis, without construction works or assembly works. All components are installed in their final position and connected.In case of finalised penstock at the SHPP site and ready foundations, the actual commissioning of the SHPP can begin immediately after delivering the CINK Power Box to the site. This system can provide electric energy to the public grid or to an isolated network, even in combination with a different power source (diesel aggregate, solar panels, etc.).


Key features of a CINK Power Box:

  • Robust steel frame
  • Outer walls made of trapezoidal metal sheets with thermal insulation
  • Automatic ventilation for keeping stable internal temperature
  • Inner walls made of perforated metal sheets for optimal sound insulation
  • Anti-slip floor made of checker metal sheets and steel beams to transfer the weight and forces of the equipment
  • Main door with thermal insulation and anti-panic lock
  • Option of both horizontal or vertical water inlet


Standard contents of a CINK Power Box:

  • Turbine with hydraulic regulation and safety closing mechanism
  • Hydraulic power unit
  • Synchronous or asynchronous generator
  • Common steel base frame of the turbine and the generator
  • Main inlet valve (optional)
  • 400V switchboard, fully automated control system
  • Socket and lighting switchboard
  • Signal and power cables, cable trays