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In 1983, Mr. Miroslav CINK, a successful engineer and inventor from Czechoslovakia, made his first small hydro turbine based on Banki-Crossflow technology. For the rest of 1980’s, he continued in designing and developing small hydro turbines for both Czech Republic and Slovakia, until 1990 when he was finally able to establish his own private factory in the city of Karlovy Vary and began to export turbines (under the name of CINK – vodní elektrárny a.s.) to other countries.

In 2005, after Mr. CINK’s retirement, the company relocated to larger premises close to the city of Karlovy Vary, and got a new name: CINK Hydro – Energy k.s. The base of the production program included mainly a robust and advanced design of a 2-cell Crossflow turbine (based on Ossberger technology), but it was soon followed by both horizontal and vertical double regulated Kaplan turbines, then horizontal and vertical multi-jet Pelton turbines with coaxial nozzles, and occasionally also Francis turbines and trash-rack cleaning machines.

Since its modernization in 2005, CINK Hydro-Energy k.s. has manufactured, delivered and installed more than 340 turbines in over 45 countries around the world, bringing the total installed capacity to over 300 MW.