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Trash-rack cleaning machines

Trash-rack cleaning machines reliably remove deposited foreign bodies from the protective rack in front of the inlet openings and ensure unobstructed flow of water to the turbines.

Depending on the scope of contamination, trash-rack cleaning machines secure high energy use of your hydropower station. In particular, in the autumn when leaves fall from the trees or in the winter when ice covers some parts, cleaning machines can guarantee an increase in capacity of up to 30%.

CINK Hydro-Energy offers specific cleaning machines for any type of trash-racks, depending on the design:

  • Telescopic cleaning machines for screens up to 3.5m width and 1.5m height
  • Stationary hydraulically controlled cleaning machines for screens up to 8m width and 10m height

A common feature of all design types is high quality, guaranteeing trouble-free operation for several decades:

  • Robust, steel construction, resistant to distortion
  • Completely hot galvanized
  • Maintenance-free bearings with permanent lubrication
  • Oil hydraulic equipment with pressure limit switches
  • This type of cleaning rake does not require any alignment of racks
  • The cleaning rake is made of a material which is highly resistant to wear
  • The cleaning algorithm is controlled automatically by means of water level sensors or switch relays
  • We also offer frost-resistant heated belt conveyors